a couple of years ago

The loss of a farm life companion

Some moments are happy, some moments are sad and some are a mixture. 

Last week we had prepaired to go pick up a set of weaned goat kids. A pair that if all goes well they will breed and we will have goat milk come next spring! That’s exciting news right? That’s how we felt. An exciting next step, to being on our goal path of producing more of the food we put in our own bodies! (And that truly is the goal, if we are going to eat it, we want to take on the responsibility of raising or producing it, I’m calling it food responsibility)  

Anyway, spending most of the day traveling to and from the farm we picked them up at. 

There are the new babies. The white one is the boy his name is Hugo, and the little brown one is the girl named her Ariel ( the 5 year old girl picked that name, can you tell?) 

Well upon arrival home we realized another family member, was no more. Peanut….412

The 3 year old sweener dog (kids named that breed, a dauchshund – shih tzu mix). He had a little to much city dog still in him. And he was the leading culprit in the chicken slaughter, a few months back, remember that? I also admit he was a bit frustrating at times, however he was our dog. In fact he was almost exactly the same age as our three year old son, Westin.

So our family companion, is no more. And loss is always sad. And with more animal life than ever before it seems we face loss more often now. So in a way this is our tribute post to peanut, the not so country farm dog. You will be missed! IMG_0826

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