The Self-Reliant Vintage Skills Academy

A 36 Week curriculum to help your kids develop the vintage life skills for total independence and self-reliance

Building self-reliant & independent kids
during (uncertain) times
with Vintage Life Skills Curriculum

We went from lost with no skills to using the Vintage Skills lost to time

When I was pregnant with my third child I started looking at the uncertan times ahead of us and became obsessed with the idea of homesteading.

Growing our own food, home educating my kids and raising them to be self-reliant was the only thing I had on my mind. 

The major problem is I had no idea how to do any of it!

How would I teach my kids to grow food if I didn’t know how to?

I loved the idea of teaching them to provide for themselves and know where food comes from, but I didn’t have that knowledge or those skills myself.

That is exactly where my decade long journey in self-reliant living and re-discovering vintage and lost skills was born.

We decided to just jump in. We started chickens and ducks in our back yard in a small town. We built a small greenhouse and planted gardens. We learned to bake bread from scratch and sew things to make what we needed.

We had ups and down. We lost chickens to predators (yes even in town), we planted plants and had them die. We tried to preserve food but made mistakes and had to throw it out. But we expanded and kept at it.

As we grew in our skills we got better, and my kids started having the knowledge I had dreamed about.

I started to watch the kids educate other people (even adults) around them on these new found Vintage Skills. 

That is when I knew other people like you and your kids needed this same journey, so we created the Self-Reliant Vintage Skills Academy

Self-reliant Vintage skills academy

Imagine what it would be like if your kids were…

learning hands-on and valuable skills they will need and use for life

Having fun while leaning skills that puts them heads above the rest of the crowd

Gaining skills like building, using tools, cooking from scratch, growing healthy food, survival skills, food preservation, and more...

Learning right alongside you beacuse learning never stops

Your kids will feel confident they can do anything!

My kids are plant experts now

Shelly M. Missouri

My kids loved learning all the vintage skills. My older kids took a special interest in foraging and medicinal herbs. During a family camping trip my kids would point out to their cousins what different plants were and the beneficial qualities. My brother and his family were amazed at how a bunch of kids knew this!







Hi, I'm Beth!

I am a city raised {trying-to-be} farm girl, trying to live, learn and teach my kids to live a self-reliant lifestyle. You don't have to (be like me) and move to the country buy a herd of goats and coop full of chickens to teach your kids to be self-reliant and learn Vintage Skills. Self-Reliant skills can be learned anywhere and practiced everywhere.

The Self-Reliant Vintage Skills
Academy Includes:

A Full 36 Week Vintage Life Skills Homeschool  Curriculum filled with pictures, explanations and examples. 

Accompanying Workbook

Self-reliant Vintage skills academy

Get The Self-Reliant Vintage Skills Academy
a $49 value for $25

but what about...

Q1: Do I have to have these vintage life skills for my kids to be able to learn them with this program?

Answer: Absolutely not. In fact you will be able to learn right along with your kids together. 

Q2: Do we need a lot of equipment?

Answer: This is all about Self-Reliant living. So much of this is built around the idea of tools or things you might already have at home or easy to get items.


Q3: Do we need to be homesteaders or live on a farm for this?

Answer: No you do not. Many lessons go over things like farm animals and gardening, but it is built with the intention of doing what you can where you are. So there are ideas that help people living in city neighborhoods or even apartments on how to use that lesson for self-reliance in those situations. 

The Self-Reliant Vintage Skills Academy will help you:


You don’t have to know how to do many of these skills. Thats part of the fun you get to learn and gain skills right along with your kids.

This product is best suited for 3rd graders and up. However there are many lessons that can be done earlier and will need a little more adult help. 

There are some lessons that take things outside to a back yard or a park. Many lessons can also be done in a regular kitchen, a garage or workshop. These lessons are designed to be flexible and work with what you have where you are. 

There are 36 weeks of lessons. But they are yours to do with in the best way that suits you. You can do a lesson a week, or focus on one lesson for a month. Do what works best for your homeschool situation. 

Much needed {in these times}

Susan  J. Wyoming

My Daughter started homeschooling in 2020, but she still has to work part-time. So I take my 2 grandkids and I teach them homeschool lessons twice a week. I was excited to find this. Some of these skills I remember my grandpa teaching me, but I never took the time to teach my kids, now my grandkids will know them too. 

What would be possible if...

Your kids learned young the skills and knowledge that were becoming more rare by the year but they knew how to provide for themselves and others all because they took a vintage life skills journey of a lifetime.

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