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Time Flies

Time flies: raise them slowly

So much about our lives has dramatically changed, in the last year. We have moved, new house, new homestead, new farm animals, new opportunities, But the biggest part was Mason, our 4th child (the new kid on the block)

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Mason, big man (or really the littlest) he is now ONE! (Check out this little flash back to when we announced him here) I love love love to watch them all grow and discover new things.  I also realize that time is moving so fast. People always say “they grow up so fast”, but it’s true. Once you have children you are able to really see how time flies! One day they are newborns, the next day they are 9! I mean where does time go?

It took me three children to realize that life would never be perfect so I could enjoy the moment. In the midst of  raising small children while fighting a custody battle, moving many times, financial struggles, or health issues (mine was hypothyroidism, totally healed now read about that journey here). No matter what was happening my kids were passing milestones, they were having first words, first steps and birthdays. All while I missed out cause I was trying to just ‘get through the hard times’. I look back now and realize I was not as present in these moments as much as I would like to have been.

Enjoy these moments

So I have taken a stance of raising them slowly. Let them be little. I will have messes, and wasted band-aids, the forever toy mess scattered around my house. Life will be hectic, dramatic, and never dull. My nerves get tested, and my house will not look like the picture of a magazine, at least in the foreseeable future. However, I am ok with that. This is real life. My kids are really growing, and these moments I will never get back again. I will cherish them while I am in them and I will do my absolute best to be present in these moments.

So with that I want to take a moment and share our little moment in time, as the little guy turns one.

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Sometimes it just feels like we are in a season of changes, sometimes that’s good and sometimes bad.  In this last year we have had massive change, Baby mason has also hit some major milestones. Embracing the moment is all we can do, because one day they will be grown, and not wearing baby moccs, but while they do I will enjoy every moment♡♡♡

Comment, Share, enjoy (and go get you some discounted Sweetnswag)

From our family to yours, thanks for stopping by

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