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Top 5 favorite activities to keep homeschoolers busy

As a homeschooling family there are always challenges, unique challenges not everyone is familiar with. One of the biggest challenge is how to help or be available to work with kids of all different ages at the same time! Well for us this is where scheduling their work helps the best. Math is always tricky and often needs teachers attention, as does language arts. So I don’t have any of my kids work on those things at the same time. I have one or more work on busy activities while the other gets my attention and help.

What are busy activities?

Well this is just what I have named them, however they are things that they can move through without help. Activities where they still learn, but they don’t need constant help with it. It may be a computer guided program, or a task that just keeps them busy and focused. It all varies depending on their ages.

1. Reading


This is always a go to, of course. If I am busy working on a math lesson one child is struggling with I will have others work on reading, even if they can’t read yet. I have them pull out a book, they still learn and I get one-on-one time. Everyone wins!

2. Spelling City


one of our favorite computer based programs is, best part it is free! They do have a pay for advanced version however the free version has more than enough! My kids do all their spelling this way. You as a parent can load up spelling list, and organize them based on child, age etc. Then the child can work through learning the spelling list with hearing, seeing, games and tests. Such an easy but amazing program. They put on ear phones and sit and learn, they love it, I love it!

3. Coloring

This I use mostly for my little ones in the toddler or preschool/ kindergarten years. Teaches them to stay in the lines well and really helps to build up hand-eye coordination, I believe this really helps them with writing as they start into letters! And most kids won’t argue when you ask them to sit down and color!

4. Sorting


I have collected different manipulatives over the years, one that I like a lot is sorting boxes. I have a box full of small plastics pieces of different colors and shapes. This is a great one for my kids when they are 3-5. I ask them to sort them based on either colors or shapes. Keeps them focused on what they are doing. They may be making a piles of circles, squares and triangles, and not sorted by color. This helps them to keep on track  and following instructions.

5. ABC Mouse


ABC Mouse is one you pay for either monthly or even yearly at a savings. However if you have several kids between 2-6 it’s well worth it. I know many of you may have seen the vast amount of commercials they put out there. It’s very useful at teaching while leaving time for teacher/ parent time to work with other students.

This is of course not an extensive list, rather just a short list of my favorite go-tos. And just a side note I am NOT the most organized or let’s  say most likely homeschool mom, more on that check this out here. However I do know I feel homeschooling is best for my kids (check out this post here) so I strive and try my best. That is what has led us to search out the best way we can homeschool and whatever tools can help us (check this post out here).

There are many online learning games and apps out there that I by all means have not had the time to learn them all. However I do opt for free as much as I can, being a homeschooling family has a lot of expenses that come along with it, without the benefit of any tax breaks or anything! Ugh, am I right? I am sure I am not the only homeschooling mom who gets angry with that one! Anyways…. aside from those frustrations, I use some of these activities to ease my homeschooling frustrations.

Keeping kids busy and learning, especially during the cold months where we are all cooped up inside is a must for a homeschooling mom, and her sanity♡♡♡

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