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Top Cloth Diaper Cover picks

Okay so cloth diapers are all the rage right now.  It’s green, cheaper and cuter than disposable, what’s not to love (well other than the obvious poo cleaning) That all aside there are a million options out there how is a modern parent to choose? Well one super simple option is cloth diaper covers. The cover is waterproof and can go over a fitted diaper, or with  a prefold or inserts, there are so many options.  Simple affordable easy to clean! That answers a lot of the issues right there doesn’t it? But which ones are the best?

Now I am going to be honest I Have not tried every single brand out there, however I have tried MANY, and most of the popular brands. I am never against trying more however let me share my experiences with you, and what I like about cloth diaper covers. This method of cloth diapering work well for many reasons.

  1. Works great for any baby (this is important when you have one baby with skinny legs and another with chubby little legs!)
  2. Stains don’t often get to the cover, only the inside (whatever you choose to use)
  3. reduced drying time
  4. cheaper than other types of cloth diapers
  5. last longer than other types of cloth diapers $$! Score! (On kid 4 we like saving money)

So here is what I like

1. Thirsties Duo Wrap

ok so here is what makes these great!

  • They come in two sizes (this makes for a great fit without buying a ton of sizes)
  • Start at around $12 each
  • Colors and patterns are so cute
  • Snap or hook and loop (velcro)
  • The quality is the best of all the covers we have used (that means they last longer, so go ahead have more babies you will have diapers covered)
  • Double leg gussets (for less blowout situations)

They say variety is the spice of life right? So you may want more than one great choice. So what else is a great choice you say?

Well I also love this one…..

2. Romperooz cloth diaper cover

So check these out…..

  • One size to save you money one buying multiple sizes
  • Newborn size is available for those who need/ want them.
  • Starting at around $10 for newborn and $12 for one size
  • Available in snap or hook and loop (Velcro)
  • Super cute patterns and color options (that part is VERY important)
  • Great quality
  • Amazing double leg gussets (which have saved us many a time!)

* I would say the one thing that makes these come in second is that the hook and loop is not the super high quality of thirsties diaper cover.

Now that is the summary of my two favorite and most used diaper covers. I do have others (most I save till I have no other options, laundry day). I also use other kinds all-in-ones, fitted, prefolds and pockets. With current baby #4 covers work the best, he is a heavy wetter and has super chubby legs. However baby #3 had not-so-chubby legs and not a heavy wetter, I loved AIO (all-in-ones). I will share my thoughts on the best of the best there in a future post ♡♡♡

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