Treasured Junk

So we are all about saving money, using what you already have, upcycling, making something new beautiful and unique out of junk. After all this is where ‘The Upcycled Family’ came from (wink wink). Life is better with uniqueness. We are constantly in the middle of remodel somewhere in our 105 year old, crazy house. When we moved in everyone looked at this house as super crazy. In fact it sat empty for 2 years because no one could see past the work to the beauty. One thing that is different for our situation is our home formerly belonged to a very eccentric art teacher, who has a serious hoarding problem. Lucky us almost all the junk was left for us. Over time we have turned weird pieces of junk furniture into something useful and beautiful. So we could spend 100’s of dollars on a kitchen island with no personality, or…..Make one out of an old art desk with unique hardware.

Furniture makeover

I am sorry I don’t have a before picture. It was a plain wood colored desk with a hole in the drawer where a handle needed to be.

DIY furniture
Already had some awesome hardware. We painted it, stained over the paint, added wipe on polyurethane. Then we need a handle to add to the charm. There was a 1 inch whole
where some sort of handle used to be. So we added a $5 hobby lobby decorative hanger as the handle. And for very little we came up with something that was needed in our kitchen.

Upcycled furniture

A little imagination and vision can create something from not much and turn junk into treasure. I paid for $15 in supplies for an island with much more character than I could have got with a $500 island, that would have never fit my rustic americana farmhouse theme anyway. The rest of the kitchen is still in the remodel process. However this project helped me to learn to never underestimate the power of beautiful junk!

DIY island

So call it junk, or maybe treasure, or maybe something great just waiting for an eye with vision to turn it into something great. And old wooden piece of furniture can easily have life breathed back into it. A little wood, paint and hardware and voila! new uniqueness♡♡♡

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