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Vintage Inspired DIY chalkboard

What does a big old farmhouse that also happens to be a homeschool need??

Why a big ol’ wood-framed DIY chalkboard of course!

So in a 100+ year old house there are often gems hiding everywhere. Which by the way is just amazing to find authentically old stuff that I can turn into great pieces . Around here I have found old painted wooden window frames, old China cabinets, old desks, old doors and even this old wooden (possibly picture frame) but it’s huge! ( and seriously has anyone checked the prices for bigger chalk boards, useful for homeschooling?? It’s crazy what they want for those things!)

when I find this beauty, that’s is still in great shape, I ecstatically pitch the chalk board idea to the hubs. With only a slightly side-ways glance, that I’m pretty sure says ‘Woman like I don’t have enough to do already with a full-time job, family, 40 + birds (some of which need butchered) goats which need a new fence, a greenhouse to build, gardens to weed, 2+ acres to try to keep mowed (in a Kansas version of monsoon season), a farmer to help with harvest, a part-time military career which has a PT test coming shortly (which needs to be prepared for), but I’ll find space to make a chalk board, for you’….. Well I’m pretty sure that’s what he was thinking?

So all we need is hardboard from the local hardware store $18. (our frame is 30×50 inches so we need a large piece of hardboard and chalkboard paint, which we already had!

A little measuring, a little cutting…

Little chalkboard paint…..

And voila!!!

I pictured our DIY chalkboard here with a hobby lobby chalkboard that cost me $24.99 and is about 14 inches by 14 inches. All said and done ours was well $18 plus left over chalkboard paint, so maybe $30 if you count that too. (I found similar size chalkboards on overstock ranging from $200-$350) Cha-Ching ?money saved!

What do you do if you don’t have an old frame??

  • Check old house storage areas (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncle etc)
  • Check at antique stores
  • Check at flea markets
  • Get simple trim at a hardware store and make a frame (you can put your own unique flare in this way)

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  • That’s a great DIY! I would have loved having a huge chalkboard as a kid (I loved playing school!)

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