Welcome baby #5!

I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks, and I apologize for the temporary absence. June is/was baby month (and secretly I’ll share I’m not a patient person at the end of a pregnancy). I know many moms who say they “loved being pregnant”, well not me. When you are 5’4″ and grow larger than average babies there just isn’t spare room, and my nerves wear very thin. 

New baby

However she has arrived, and none to soon. Meet number five. Little Miss Laylin Maine. Little missy entered the world at a whopping 9 Lbs 2 Oz, making her my biggest baby, despite the fact I gained the least amount of weight. I guess eating super nutrient rich foods just fed a very healthy growth. 

New baby

Being number 5 means there won’t be much peace and quiet. You can count on always being surrounded by siblings. Siblings to dote over you, fight with you and love on you. Life in a big family means a life full of adventure but never alone, that is one thing our kids know well. The kids are all excited to welcome a new sibling to the crew too. 

New baby

Laylin’s birth was not the ideal, or what one would hope for. She was a C-section, in fact she was c-section #5. However I have learned how to recover from c-section’s as quick as possible. No surgery is ever ideal, but if you have to have a c-section birth, the way we had Laylin’s was perfect. With a very baby friendly hospital, and a peaceful transition right to moms arms even while the surgery was finishing up. So grateful for the hospital, doctors and staff that helped to deliver baby Laylin. 

New baby

So now that baby is here, and we are so excited for that. Everyone in the family is part of our little adventure, part of the story of our lives. Laylin as the newest addition is the newest chapter to our family adventure. We look forward to getting to know and love this beautiful baby girl.

Our lives will be no less busy, we have plenty to still do around the homestead.  I of course will be hoping right back into fitness, and all things health. And of course with summer in full swing there is tons in the gardens to catch up on. That is all ok, this is our busy, crazy, beautiful, full, hands full of children life ♡♡♡

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