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Why detox after a c-section

If you have had a recent c-section (or any other surgery), we are often told of the downtime or recovery, how often do we hear about detoxing from the surgery itself? Truth be told toxins and surgery go hand-in-hand. Everything from the anesthesia to the pain medications for recovery assaults your body with toxins. This can put your liver in overdrive trying to rid itself of heavy toxins. After 9 months of pregnancy, plus a long road of healing, the additional strain of toxins is the last thing your body wants to deal with! The solution is easy, detox after a c-section.

detox after a c-section

So say you are a health conscious mom-to-be who has spent your pregnancy eating healthy, taking a raw vitamin, staying active only to find out that the baby comes via a c-section (planned or unplanned). All your hard work can feel like it goes right down the drain, boy do I know!

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Surgery and toxins

Yes, toxins and surgery go hand-in-hand. The medication that is administered during surgery all have a purpose, reduce pain, prevent nausea, block nerves or temporarily paralyze the body. You bodies job is to metabolize those drugs, however, that can be a big daunting task. You are physically exhausted, sleep deprived, hormonally off, and now trying to rid yourself of the unwanted effects of toxins from surgery or recovery drugs. All pharmaceutical drugs have side effects. Seriously, who hasn’t seen a commercial where the risks of side effects list are longer than the benefits list. This is why pain medications are highly regulated, they are addictive and can have very serious long-term effects. So why not get the lingering effects and those toxins out of the body as soon as you can.

negative side effects can be

  • backaches or pain
  • headaches or migraines
  • back or tailbone numbness

Detox is an easy answer

When I started drinking kombucha (which is very detoxifying) regularly, I started to realize many aspects of my health began to shift, clearer skin, better gut health, more energy and much more. Needless to say, I absolutely love when something as simple as a detox can clear up health issues that otherwise would go unanswered. Suffering from toxin overload from a surgery of any kind but especially a c-section is easily fixed with a little detoxing.

There are many ways to detox, but not all are suitable for after a c-section. I would avoid and herbal detoxing if you are breastfeeding, (unless you or someone you know specializes in herbs) many herbs can affect your hormones and that can carry the potential to negatively affect milk production.  Also, many herbs can cross breastmilk to the baby, and babies just don’t need that.

Juicing or eating fresh fruits and veggies especially carrots and beets can be very helpful for detoxing. If you are already accustomed to eating certain detoxifying foods then there should be no concern. However, if highly detoxifying foods are added to your diet either eating fresh or juicing start slowly.

How to detox after a c-section

One of the most effective ways to detox after a c-section (or any other surgery) is to use activated charcoal. Activated charcoal binds to chemicals and drugs well, making it particularly helpful to remove toxins of this form. Activated charcoal is safe and has been used for health purposes for eons. In fact, activated charcoal is exactly what hospitals use when someone has overdosed on drugs. Activated charcoal is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It can be taken internally by mixing it in water or taken as a pill. It can also be used in a detox bath by adding anywhere from a tablespoon and up to a 1/4 cup in bath water.

*on a side note* avoid detoxing with activated charcoal until you no longer need pain medication. It is so good at removing drugs and chemical compounds it will remove the pain medication too.

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detox after a c-section

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After a c-section (or other surgeries) there is so much to concern ourselves with, why should constant headaches or medication-related back pain be one of them? Truth is it shouldn’t, a little detox after a c-section, can aid us in healing and give the liver a much-needed boost by removing harmful toxins. A few regular detox baths or taking a few activated charcoal pills before bed along with healthy detoxifying food can help the overall healing process. The reality is after a c-section there are far more important things to think about. Who has time to worry about headaches, migraines or anesthesia side effects? Do yourself a favor rid your body of surgery-related toxins. Do a simple detox after a c-section and get back to mom life, snuggling babies, you know the important stuff ♡♡♡

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