Winter Greenhouse Growing

Winter Greenhouse Growing

Aquaponics in January

Winter greenhouse

The middle of the day in January its 50° inside and 20° outside. The night-time temperatures have been below freezing or below zero through the night for several weeks. Check out our newly sprouted seedlings that are surviving through these temperatures!

Grow bed

That’s a red leaf lettuce in the middle with a newly sprouted row of kale to the right, and peas to the far right. Arugula is on the far left and this is our first time trying it, it has not done so well this winter, most of it has been pulled and fed to chickens.

Baby plants

Up close of the newly sprouted peas.


Green onions

This is one of my favorite things. green onions. These green onions were bought at the store, and re-used! many plants will regrow themselves and green onions are one of those plants. When you chop off the root stubs away from the shoots, save the stubs.  We replanted them in a grow bed and we take what we need and the plant regrows, that’s called getting your moneys worth.


We have feeder goldfish, many use tilapia and we may one day but for now .20 cent 1 inch long feeder gold-fish were used and now 18 months later they are between 3-6 inches.  some would make beautiful pond fish. The only heat we have in our greenhouse is submersible tank heaters from Alliedaqua

Aquaponics grown salad

Salad bowl for dinner. In January its still so easy to have fresh, produce. Chemical free, truly organic produce ♡♡♡

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